2024 will mark a turning point in the cycle tourism landscape of the great west with the official launch of the “La Régalante” cycle route. Known during its development under the name V409, this route connects Mont-Saint-Michel to Nantes via the country of Fougères.

Birth of a cycle route

Cyclists heading for the Mont

This 275 km long route criss-crosses the historic territory of the Marches de Bretagne, linking Mont-Saint-Michel to Nantes. Initiated in 2021, the project is the result of the cooperation of the route committee made up of 3 departments (Manche, Loire-Atlantique, Ille-et-Vilaine) and the 10 EPCIs that the route crosses. This second greenway complements the VD5 et offers a beautiful cycling network in the country of Fougères. Vitré and Mont-Saint-Michel become accessible in complete safety on a route mainly taken from an old railway line

The Regalante?

Hello Regalante! Revealed in June 2023, the name of this new cycling route through Brittany is a “subtle mixture of the terms galette and galante which generates a warm and gourmet word” inviting cyclists but also families to enjoy the route. Marked by a remarkable heritage and imposing castles like the Fougeres Castle, this dimension is found through its visual identity.

Logo of the regalante

La Régalante logo created by the agency the Yellow Raincoat

Imminent inauguration!

Ready, pedal!! See you in March for the official inauguration of the route! Over two weekends many events will be planned. For the most motivated among you, know that the greenway is already passable!


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